Registering Private Nameservers

The steps to registering private nameservers varies according to which registrar you used to register your domain name. If your registrar is not included here, you can contact them and link them to this article for them to help you. Please note that this is NOT a hosting issue, we cannot help you with this process.

The details for this process are contained within your welcome email that you will receive upon installation of your VPS. All you will need are your nameserver prefixes (e.g. ns1 and ns2), and the two dedicated IP's assigned to your VPS.

GoDaddy :
HostName on GoDaddy refers to your nameserver prefix only. Do not put the entire domain in there e.g. is wrong.

NameCheap :

  • Click on my account -> manage domains -> click on a domain name
  • Under advanced options select nameserver registration
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses followed by "add nameservers"

Enom :

  • Click on domains -> register DNS -> "Register a Nameserver Name"
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses
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